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Symptoms Of Ingrown Toenails

Having an ingrown toenail is very uncomfortable since it occurs when a corner of the toenail grows into the skin tissues of the toe, mostly on the corner and side of a toe. When one gets an ingrown toe nail it can really be very painful and should be treated as soon as you feel it, the ingrown toenail is common in the big toes but can also occur in all other nails. Finding out that you have an ingrown toe nail should not be very hard since you will probably see it and feel it too, this is because it mostly affects the outer corner of the toe.

Most clear symptom is redness on the part of the toe that is in contact with the skin, one may also feel some warmth after touching that area. Another common thing that can help you know that you have an ingrown toenail is swelling, which is also usually a very bad sign. An ingrown toenail causing swelling may be very dangerous because it mostly means that one has an infection, the swelling might also affect other areas of the foot.

Another symptom of an ingrown toenail is pus or even blood, which is usually a sign that the infection has been left unattended for very long and one should seek doctors attention as soon as possible. Overgrown skin is a symptom of an ingrown toenail, it causes the affected area to protrude and it will look uneven and the skin will also be very well up. Pain from an ingrown toe nail is non bearable, and this is a common symptom of ingrown toe nail which also affects you in that you cant walk with your shoes on and touching the affected area will also be a big problem.

If the ingrown toenail is not treated as soon as one finds out, they can cause very bad infections that will be expensive and delicate to treat later on. One can use over the counter medicines, some lemon pieces and also soak their feet in water for some minutes to treat ingrown toenails at home. Seeking professional advice is a good option especially if the infection has gone too far, the professionals usually give oral medicine if the infection is not so bad but they can also opt to cut the affected area in other cases.

As people always say prevention is better than cure, and grooming your nails more often will be great for helping you avoid such kind of infection. Wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause an ingrown toenail which should be avoided at all cost, and also trim your nails when they grow too long.