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How to Buy Green Coffee Beans

If there’s one thing general about green coffee beans, it’s that they vary in so many ways. Colombian, washed, Bourbon – there are tons out there, and each one affects taste and how they should be roasted.

These are important points you need to look into when you purchase coffee beans:


All coffee’s flavor and aroma are influenced by climate, soil, humidity and other natural factors. Start by tasting coffee from different parts of the world before comparing the farms where they are grown.


The specie and variety of coffee has a dramatic effect on green coffee after it’s brewed. A yellow Bourbon and a Gesha will give you two totally different experiences.


Generally speaking, higher elevations bring temperatures lower. That means as well that coffee can grow more slowly, in turn allowing the sugars to develop more. As a result, it has a sweeter and overall more complex flavor profile apart from being more acidic in comparison to coffee grown in warmer areas. When looking into altitude, don’t forget that temperatures are not the same in various parts of the world.


In simple terms, processing is the manner in which the seeds are taken out of the coffee fruit. When you talk about natural processing (also called dry processing), the entire cherry is dried before the outer fruit is taken out, adding sweetness and fruitiness to its flavor. In wet or washed processing, the fruit is brought out prior to drying, so it will be less sweet yet so much cleaner and more acidic. The fruit is skinned in honey processing, but a little mucilage is left around the beans as it dries, creating a sweeter, fuller flavor compared to washed coffee. You will also find farm- or region-specific types of coffee – for example, monsooned, experimental and wet-hulled – and each one is associated with a particular region or farm.

Key Points to Keep in Mind

You will find a lot of green coffee suppliers online and they ship to almost everywhere in the globe. However, before placing an order, look into availability, cost and other essential points. For example, remember that certain green coffee beans are harder to find during certain times of the year. As an agricultural product, coffee follows a harvest season, which is different from one country . And as expected, freshness makes a huge difference. You wouldn’t want coffee that’s at least a year old.

Also, you might find some coffees to be ridiculously expensive as something you’d drink every day. And take note that some suppliers are only going to sell huge quantities. Don’t buy an amount that you do not have enough storage room for or that which you cannot consume before it loses its quality.

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