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Instagram Marketing

Instagram or as what others called as IG has a 52x greater engagement when compared to Facebook and is 127x more than Twitter. What this only mean is, there is a massive opportunity for a business to market and promote broad range of services and products on this social media platform. Your IG page is one way of making a nice first impression on potential prospects. And because IG is all about photos, taking stunning images and cool videos are surefire way to achieve lasting impression.

Following are tips that can help you to make this real.

Tip number 1. Lighting – no matter how much editing or filtering tool you have, if you have a poorly lit photo, you can’t do anything to save it. Whenever possible, it is recommended that you utilize natural lighting. Needless to say, this is not including the instances where you have the ideal lighting. If you want to take photos outside for example, then considering afternoon and early morning will be great.

Tip number 2. Use your eyes – before taking out your phone and snapping photos, you might want to take a moment to look what is going on around you. It is encouraged that you use your eyes to envision the photo in your head. You should not just bring out your smart phone and take snaps.

As the photographer, you must look at the background of the photo, is someone going to obstruct the subject, is there something happening nearby that may require you to take photos in a different location and so forth. Before taking the photos, a tip from the pro is to spend time observing your subject, lighting, surroundings.

Tip number 3. Use technology properly – Instagram provides huge selection of editing tools and filters. As a matter of fact, there are also third party apps that can be used to improve the ability of your phone’s camera. Nothing’s improper when you use tools and apps in taking wonderful photos. Besides, many smart phone manufacturers these days have integrated their camera with photo adjusting features.

Tip number 4. Move around the subject – in reality, the lens that your phone’s camera has gathers light in different directions than the old camera system. By the time you use your phone to look at the subject while moving in full circle, you would see the way how light sources shift in direction. Then eventually, you are going to observe awesome opportunities that haven’t been available before when taking photos using your smart phone device.

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